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13 Feb 2023

The Best Wedding Photographers

On Wedding Maps

We’re excited to announce our new wedding photographer directory called Wedding Maps.  Wedding Maps is a collection of the world’s best wedding photographers and wedding venues.  After years of hosting wedding photography awards on SLR Lounge and educating wedding photographers around the world, we decided it was time to launch a separate platform to celebrate and bring together our incredible community of wedding photographers.

Best Wedding Photographers in the US

Browse the best photographers in each state of the United States by clicking on the links below.  Browse the award winning photos from all of the United States, including the beautiful beaches of states like California and Florida, the vibrant cityscapes of cities like New York and Chicago, the forest in the national parks of Washington State, and even the deserts of Arizona and Utah.

Best International Wedding Photographers

Browse the best international photographers (outside of the United States) by clicking on the countries and regions below. Browse the award winning photos from around the world, including the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, the historic chateaus, castles and villas from Europe, lush tropical forests of South America and much more.